Ownership and Management

The current landfill & transfer stations were owned or leased by Northern Sunrise County and the Eco Centre land was owned by the Town of Peace River and the Eco Centre building was owned by Northern Sunrise County. Upon completion of the Membership Agreement in November 2012, all of the East Peace Regional Landfill Authority assets were turned over to the PRWMC.

The Company shares are held by the 3 member municipalities and governed by a Board of Directors from the 3 member municipalities. The membership of the Board of Directors is comprised of 3 Directors appointed by the County, 3 Directors appointed by the Town, and 1 Director appointed by the Village.

The PRWMC serves an area of 21,875 square kilometers and a population base of 8422 residents, based upon the 2006 Statistics Canada Population Census, plus an additional “shadow population” in excess of 444 people (2011 Year).

Funding for the Company is currently accomplished through tipping fees, service sales and sales of recyclable materials.

PRWMC Strategic Plan 2020

Accomplishments 2023


The Company’s 2024 Board of Directors is comprised of:

Chair, Shelly Shannon, Town of Peace River
780-625-6969, sshannon@peaceriver.ca

Vice-Chair, Carolyn Kolebaba
780-617-2381, ckolebaba@northernsunrise.net

Director, Brad Carr, Town of Peace River
780-618-9657, bcarr@peaceriver.ca

Director, Elaine Manzer, Town of Peace River
780-219-9227, emanzer@peaceriver.ca

Director, Corinna Williams, Northern Sunrise County
780-617-2381, cwilliams@northernsunrise.net

Director, Daniel Boisvert, Northern Sunrise County
780-618-2112, danboisvert2013@gmail.com

Director, Evan Matiasiewich, Village of Nampa
780-618-7259, evanmatwek@hotmail.com


The Company General Manager is Art Sawatzky.

The Company retains the services of lawyers, accountants, engineers and consultants, as the need arises, to act as advisors.

The professional services of the following firms are currently in use:

  • Legal Services – Brownlee LLP
  • Engineering Services – GHD Ltd.
  • Auditors – MNP LLP